We don’t have to Choose between Money & Meaning.
Published by Elephant Journal on September 8, 2016

    “Work is love made visible.” ~ Kahlil Gibran 

I love talking to people about what sort of work truly lights them up.

However, as a career coach, I frequently notice a pattern that stops people in their tracks.

At its core, this pattern is based on the common cultural belief that we have to choose between money and meaning.

According to this belief, we can either have:

a) a safe, but unfulfilling, career (“good employee” archetype), or
b) live our passion, but be in a precarious financial situation (“starving artist” archetype).

For instance, those who choose the first option may feel like their path is slowly killing their soul. In this situation, they may either decide to stay on their current path for financial reasons, or, alternatively, they may decide to “take the plunge” by following their heart. Yet once they have chosen option b) instead, they often find themselves worrying about their ability to pay the bills.

Whenever we are stuck between two bad choices, we don’t really have a choice; we have a dilemma. The way to move beyond this dilemma is to find a third choice—“the better way.” This third option consists of something that takes us beyond the dilemma we are facing and into a better place.

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How to Move Past the Dilemma between Financial Security & Following One’s Heart.
Published by Elephant Journal on May 30, 2016. 

Many people are not passionate about their work.

For instance, I recently communicated with a person who had a career as an accountant. She was successful.

However, her heart was not in her work. She would much rather work with animals.

She asked herself if she should take “the plunge” by handing in her notice at her current job.

A widespread feeling is that when it comes to earning an income, we have to choose between financial security or following our heart by doing the work we really want to do.

This is why people so often stay stuck with the question: “Should I hand in my notice to follow my dreams?”

When you’re in that place, it is as if your “inner realist” and your “inner optimist” are fighting with each other about which course of action to take.

“Don’t quit!” advises the inner realist.“Do it! Take the plunge!” shouts the inner optimist.

So which of these voices should we listen to? Let’s examine each of their arguments.

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