Gift to You: The "Essential Work You Love Guide"

Have you ever wondered how to create work you truly love? 

Here's the secret behind it: 
work that you love is actually designed like a chair. 

(No, really, it is. Give us a moment to explain.)

Most chairs are designed to have four legs. Not three, not five - but four.
If any of these four legs were missing, you would have a hard time sitting on it comfortably. 

Work that you love also rests on four legs or components. 
If any of these crucial elements were missing, you wouldn't be completely happy with your work.
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This is where our gift comes in:

our guide explains the four legs on which work you love rests. It also comes with the following benefits:
Describes the "golden triangle" that needs to be activated if you want to leave your full footprint in the world.
Explains a common pattern that stops many people from creating work they love, and what to focus on instead. 
Includes further helpful references.  
A short guide that only takes you a few minutes to read.
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