INTERVIEW: Money AND Meaning

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Do you sometimes feel like you have to choose between financial security, and doing work that truly lights you up? 

Are you struggling with bringing money and meaning, passion and profit together?

Is there a discrepancy between your outside and your inside success?
If so, this may be for you. 

Are you interested in gaining more insight into the real reason why you may be stuck, and what to focus on instead? 

If the answer is yes, this free gift may be the right next step in your journey to create true success in you life.

It consists of a 35-minute recording of Bere's interview on steps towards creating money and meaning in your life. 

This gift includes answers to the following questions:

- Why do so many people struggle to create work they love and that pays well?
- What is an alternative to the typical ways in which people respond to the challenge of creating meaningful, financially rewarding work?
-What does it mean to have both money and meaning in your life?

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