I'm Berenike or "Dr. Bere." 
As a former attorney, Ph.D.-level academic and published writer, I have explored various work environments myself. 

While I have been passionate about doing work I truly love for as long as I remember, I have also always valued financial security. 

Unfortunately, our culture often presents us with the apparent choice of either having money or meaning in our lives. According to this belief system, we can either choose a safe but somewhat unfulfilling career or follow our heart's desire but be financially insecure. 

WORK YOU LOVE COACH specializes in helping individuals who have already achieved success in their lives to deeply connect with their passion. 

People who have succeeded in creating some financial security for themselves often think that if they want to bring more meaning into their lives, they have to take the plunge and leave everything they have taken so long to build. 

However, the solution does not lie in swinging from one pole of the dilemma to the other by, for instance, abandoning a corporate career to become a starving artist. 

The solution lies in finding a way to live your passion while also having financial security in your life. 

If this is something that interests you, you have come to the right place!
What People From Around The Globe Are Saying: 

Chris C. Stewart, Australia, 
Founder of @dministrivia:
"I've suddenly been inundated with a wave of being celebrated by my peers and clients (something we superficially worked on!).”

Andrew Garrett, USA, 
Sales and Business Coach:
"Before working with Bere I was feeling stuck in an emotional rut. I've noticed big shifts starting to show up in my life. I highly recommend working with Bere, she's got a magic touch!"  

Carole Mitchell, South Africa, 
“I am noticing that I can be present in situations where I would have reacted or been upset and I can feel a wonderful sense of calm. I am also more aware of what energy I want to be in my family life and in each moment. Being more present is huge.”

Anne Jenett, Canada,
Founder of Unfold Your Dream: 
"She is so very attentive and genuinely caring. It is obvious that she loves what she is doing and that she is good at it. I recommend working with Bere. It is refreshing, renewing and re-energizing. And things start to shift!!! Thank you Bere!"  

Anna De La Rosa, USA,
President of De La Rosa Insurance Firm, LLC, Host of The Art of Manifesting Money Telesummit:
“Everyone has commented or sent me an email about how they loved our interview! Also they were going to your website to check out everything you offer. My Audience loves you.”   

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