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To make this description more practical, please take a moment to reflect on your current situation.

This includes the good aspects you would like to keep and the parts of it that you would like to change.

Let's think of this situation as your "Island A." What does your "Island A" look like? Depending on how comprehensive you want to be, this can include all areas of your life. 
If you would like, you could even write your insights down. 
Now envision how you would like your life to look like in a year or a few months from now. 

What do you truly want?

This is what we could call your "Island B." What would it mean to you if you could get to Island B? How important is it for you to get there? 

People often find it challenging to describe their "Island B" in detail. They might know that they want to change something but not be clear on what they want the end result to look like. 

Work You Love Coach assists you in identifying what you truly want your "Island B" to look like.

Coaching supports you in getting from where you currently are ("Island A") to where you want to be ("Island B"). 
When people embark on a courageous journey from "Island A" to "Island B," they can run into a number of challenges. This might slow them down or even stop them from reaching their destination.

Common challenges include:

- unclarity about where "Island B" is and how to get there, 

- losing focus/determination on the journey and reverting back to "Island A,"

- difficulty adjusting to the new life on "Island B."

Having a trusted and skillful guide (coach/mentor) can help with all these challenges.
Work You Love Coaching specifically focuses on providing you with the necessary tools to create effective and lasting change


Benefits of longer-term coaching often include: 

- finding an authentic and empowering style of leadership,

- navigating changes in one's professional and personal life, 

- connecting with one's passion and purpose,

- improving one's professional and personal relationships, 

- reducing procrastination, and

- increasing confidence. 


You and your goals are unique---and so is the coaching support structure that will work best for you! 

That is why Work You Love Coach only takes on people as clients after an initial complimentary consultation. During this phone call, we will clarify the journey you want to take by assessing your current situation ("Island A") and what you really want to create going forward ("Island B"). 

You will then receive a recommendation for the coaching structure that would be the most fit for you and have a chance to ask any questions you have. 

Work You Love Coach will offer a complimentary follow-up appointment to discuss whether you would like to go ahead with receiving coaching. 
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What is a support structure and what is the advantage over individual sessions? 

When you want to create a significant change in your life, a coaching support structure is typically more beneficial than a series of individual sessions.

That is because commitment is one of the most important factors that determines how much value you will receive from coaching. Unlike individual sessions, a coaching support structure creates a strong commitment container.

If you book a one-off session with a coach, you will only receive that one session (plus potentially some email follow-up). While one session can create big shifts, implementing these changes in one's life usually takes time---and it is easy to get lost on the way. 

A coaching support structure helps you to better integrate these changes in your life and keep you on your desired course over time. It is also more than the sum of its individual parts---you're not only supported by your coach during sessions but also in the week(s) between sessions. 

The difference between a one-off session and a coaching support structure is a bit like the difference between casual dating and a committed relationship. 

What does a Work You Love Coaching support structure typically look like? 

The exact structure Work You Love Coach will suggest for you depends on your situation, your goals and your budget. 

- Ideally, sessions take place at least 2x per month. For many people, the sweet spot for creating big and lasting change is 3x/month---giving you 3 consecutive weeks of coaching and 1 week off to integrate those changes. 

- Sessions are available via phone and virtually (Skype, Zoom), depending on whether you live in the US or elsewhere. They run 60 or 90 minutes. 

- In between sessions, Work You Love Coach is available for you via email and for short realignment phone calls. 

- You will also gain access to Work You Love Coach's Library for Clients which includes a range of audios, videos and PDFs to support you. 

- Clients committing to multiple months of coaching have received the most benefit (3-9 months, depending on the client's goals and situation). 


Single Coaching Session (60 minutes):

Coaching Package: 

Contact Work You Love Coach to discuss details and for a quote. 

What people are saying:

"I've suddenly been inundated with a wave of being celebrated by my peers and clients (something we superficially worked on!).”
Chris C. Stewart, Australia, Founder of @dministrivia
“Everyone has commented or sent me an email about how they loved our interview! Also they were going to your website to check out everything you offer. My Audience loves you.”   
Ana De La Rosa, United States, President of De La Rosa Insurance Firm, LLC
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Next Steps

Are you curious about how working together with Work You Love Coach could help you accomplish what you want? 

If so, let's connect to find out if we are a good fit and if we can create exceptional value for you together. The first step is to schedule a short complimentary connection call (15-20 minutes). This call is simply a chance to connect and ask any initial questions you might have. If we both would like to explore working together, we will then schedule a complimentary consultation. 

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